Lawn service with Xellant Lawn Houston TX

Houston, Texas 1 comment

I contracted this company to cut my grass. They claimed they cut the grass when they didnt... horrible customer service. Do not use this company..16710 Blairstone

Houston, Texas 77084

Ph: 281-345-0695

Fax 281 -345-9568

We value our relationships with our customers, and every member of Xellent Services team is growing with Xellent Services.

We are building a solid reputation for exceptional attention to detail, unrivaled customer satisfaction, and flexible scheduling

This is on the web site it is all lies. There was no one willing to hear me out.. I was told just to find some one else which is easily done however when things are posted on a web site that you value your customers I expected more..


Houston, Texas, United States #705636

Horrible service and they don't care what they do to your house when they ruin it by being careless. You call and you get excuses or no response.

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